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I am a Software Engineer with a background in electronics and communications engineering and, I’ve been working in the software industry since 2007. I am specialised in embedded systems and, I am currently working as a Team Leader for Valeo, a French automotive components manufacturer. I am also preparing as part-time a Master of Science in Software Engineering in Nile University.

I am interested in embedded systems and, I am a fan of open source and agile approaches for software design. My favourite programming languages are C and Python. I have various levels of familiarity with C++, MATLAB, JavaScript and Ruby.

If you are interested in more details, send me an email and I can reply with my résumé and, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

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I live in Cairo, the capital of Egypt where I currently work. I used to live in Alexandria, on the north coast of Egypt where I spent my childhood and went to school. However, it was difficult to find challenging engineering career there. I am interested in a challenging and an innovative career that creates value to our world and, enriches my knowledge and skills.